Persuasive Essay Writing

“I never said most of the things I said.”
Yogi Berra, Baseball player

Sometimes others put words in our mouths, or spread rumors about what we have done.
Write an essay convincing others whether gossip affects another person or not.

Be sure to –
● clearly state your thesis
● organize and develop your ideas effectively
● choose your words carefully
● edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and spelling

Hook Development

Remember: Your essay is one minnow in the entire ocean. How are you going to make yours stand out?


In this collection of files, you will have everything you will need to effectively teach persuasive writing for an entire
academic year!

Table of Contents
● Writing YAG
● Persuasive Writing Rubric
● Hook Development
● Thesis Writing Practice
● Language Control Revision
● Peer Editing Strategy
● Persuasive Writing PPT–editable
● Thesis PPT– editable
● SMELF Poster
● Outline Poster
● Planning Document Poster
● Detail Booster Poster
● Sentence Variety Poster
● 12 STAAR EOC Formated Persuasive Prompts with scaffolded planning
● 26 Line Page