Peer Editing Drill

For this task, students will need highlighters– I used colored pencil to shade in the colors when using paper– does not HAVE to be highlighters.
Most of the time, I used Google Docs in my classroom to tackle essay writing, especially when it was still in a group setting since students were able to work together on separate devices. This made it easy for me to give feedback and monitor group work. You may choose to use Google Docs too, or you may choose to use the 26 line page.

Just as on the outline poster, I had students identify and highlight certain sentences.

Hook- Red
Bridge- Yellow
Thesis- Green
Topic Sentences- Green
Supporting Details- Purple
Detail Booster- Orange
Rephrased Thesis- Green
Full Circle Ending (Optional– more advanced)- Red

This does several things:
1) It forces each student to identify the purpose of each sentence in the essay.

2) It serves as a checklist to make sure the essay is organized and developed.

3) It is a visual reminder that their essay should follow the same pattern as the outline poster.

4) It provides direction for revision.