Essay Editing Techniques

Remember, in order to receive full credit on this assignment, you must include specific examples of what you will change and how you will change it.

1. What is my thesis? Is it clear? How could I improve it?

2. What specific examples support the thesis? Are all details sufficient, appropriate, and are clearly related to the topic? Where could I improve details?

3. Is the writing is interesting and lively? Where do I expand on interpretation and analysis of details and examples? How could I improve on this?

4. Are the ideas are presented in an effective order? Does the piece have unity and coherence? How could I improve the order of the paper?

5. Does the opening engage the reader’s attention? How could I improve the introduction?

6. Do I develop a strong conclusion? How could I improve the conclusion?

7. Which words are specific, accurate and lively? Which words are dull? Where could I improve my diction?

8. Does the title of the piece match the essay? Does it grab your attention? How could it be improved?

9. Where do I use creative and appropriate syntax? Where is the sentence length varied and purposeful? How could I improve syntax?

10. Please give me other specific suggestions on how I could improve this paper.