Assignment Process Specifics

If you are already applying for colleges, and have the essay prompts for those schools, you may use  those prompts for this essay assignment.

Otherwise, choose a topic that comes out of the  brainstorming you will do for this assignment.

If you aren’t sure where you are applying, or are going to community college, a trade school, or into  the military, or just have other plans (such as working), please choose one of the following prompts from the Common Application.

Please visit for the most recent Common Application Essay prompts and guidelines.

All essays for this assignment should be at least 500 words, and the limit is 650 for the Common Application Essay.

Assignment Process:

1. Complete the brainstorming handouts associated with the assignment. (1-2 days)

2. Write a draft of the essay for peer editing day. (2-3 days) 3. Revise your draft for the final due date. (2-3 days)